Adding Literacy to Harmony

For the last 11 years, the Jefferson PTA has helped the fifth-grade class develop a service project to support others in need such as school children in Afghanistan and the St. Josephs Food Pantry. This year, the fifth-grade class reached out to help young children in a neighboring community. By Mary Mann Every year, […]

Kids Learn Litter Lesson from Playdate Earth, Oscar the Grouch and SHU

One way to get to Sesame Street might be by not littering. At least that’s the latest word from Playdate Earth and Oscar the Grouch.

“We want to teach kids to carry out the right thing,” said Giada Litner, founder of the nonprofit that teaches kids about the environment and not to litter, and the host of Tuesday’s event in South Mountain Reservation. “We want to use the environment to inspire them and teach them that the world should not look like their backyard.”


PARENTING; Reaching a Milestone, and Looking Back

The economic collapse is particularly hard on poor parents. In March 2007 I wrote about a popular parenting program run for 25 years by the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Riverhead, on Long Island, that taught parents how to discipline without screaming and hitting; it was recently eliminated from the 2009 Suffolk County budget. Harmony Day Care in Irvington, N.J.,